The Benefits of Renting A Portable Restroom for your Party

So you're having a house party and considering on renting a portable restroom.

we are the victims of a house party and thats how we began the business.

Top Reasons to Rent a Portable Restroom for your next house party

  1. Guests can destroy your personal restroom
    • Men can pee all over the floor
    • Drunks can throw up and make a complete mess in restroom, fall and break something
  2. Cleaning your personal restroom next day
    • It will take a few hours to get your restroom back to top shape just the way you had it.
  3. Supper Clogged toilet = Plumber
  4. Avoid any damage to your restroom
    • Cost to rent a basic portable restroom is $80 to $700 from selection from our website


1 thought on “The Benefits of Renting A Portable Restroom for your Party”

  1. I like how you explained that drink people can throw up and mess up your restroom easily so it is smart to rent a porta potty for these occasions. My parents want to throw a party for my brother’s college graduation in May. I’ll mention to them that they should rent a couple of porta potties so that they can keep their home clean.

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